Session Client Agreement

Welcome to the Steph Jordan Photography Family!

I wanted to say first, Thank you for choosing me to capture some precious moments in your family's life!

Here’s what you can expect during your session.

  • Before your session, you and I will discuss different locations that will best suit your vision and which package fits your needs.
  • Payment: The session retainer fee is not refundable and due in full upon booking. Your session date and time are not secured until the retainer fee is paid in full.
  • RESCHEDULING: If you or someone in your photo group is ill, showing signs of illness, or has a fever, please provide a notice before your session as soon as possible so we can reschedule for a better time. If we have inclement weather, I will be in touch with you and closely watch the weather app and make a final call within one hour of your shoot. If a reschedule is needed, we will work together to find a date that works for both your schedule and mine. More than two reschedules on the client's behalf due to poor planning that is not due to illness or weather will result in a 50.00 fee per reschedule.
  • If you are more than 10 minutes late to your session, it’s likely that we will have to reschedule, with a $40 rescheduling fee. A no-call no-show will result in a forfeit of your retainer fee. If you find out within 24 hours that you are not going to make it to the session, don’t worry, just give me a call and we’ll work together to reschedule a new time that works for the both of us.
  • What you wear is your choice; there are no refunds post-production if you are not satisfied with your wardrobe selection. We can reshoot the session for an additional fee. For ideas on what to wear, refer to the Steph Jordan Photography Pinterest page for ideas.
  • After your digital images are delivered, you are granted unlimited, non-exclusive rights to print at your printer of choice. Steph Jordan Photography will retain the copyright of the photographic images you have paid for. However, SJP provides the option to print through a professional print lab as a bonus perk!
  • You agree that Steph Jordan Photography is the author and copyright holder of these images, and you agree not to alter, edit, or resell any image without written permission from Steph Jordan Photography; this includes filters and words placed over images.
  • You’re free to share all of the photos that you purchased on any social media platform! Accrediting @Steph Jordan Photography to help spread the word is greatly appreciated, but not required.
  • Client shall assist and cooperate with the photographer in obtaining desired photographs. Photographer shall not be responsible for photographs not taken due to the client’s failure to provide reasonable assistance or cooperation. The client will be respectful to the photographer and all parties being photographed. The photographer has the right to end the session without a refund if there is a lack of cooperation or respect.
  • The client will not hold the photographer or the property owner liable for any injury that may occur during the session. The client and all members attending the session will respect the studio and/or property and assume liability for any expenses that occur.
  • Please know that I have my own aesthetic and retouching style; you can view these in action on Please review my style of editing before booking to ensure my style is what you are looking for in your gallery. Original photographs are not included under any circumstance, only edits. SJP retains the right to edit the photographs and omit any images. It is understood that Photographer will not deliver every exposure taken. The client agrees to abide by Photographer’s editing decision.
  • At times, the photography images are published on Steph Jordan Photography’s website, social media, or articles for promotions when you check the give "I consent" for online use option below. If you wish your session images are not used for this purpose, please choose ‘I do not consent
    • No other photography equipment may be used during the duration of your session. This includes but is not limited to Mobile Phones, Tablets, Cameras, and any device that can take a photographic image or record video.
    • If you book and pay for a cake for a cake smash session and have to reschedule, there is not a guarantee that the cake business will be free to do so for the new date, and if so, there will be an additional cost for another cake and you forfeit the money for the original cake. Cake Smashes are not available for mini sessions.
    • Senior Sessions are Silver Sessions and above and do not qualify for mini or bronze packages.
    • When booking online, there is not a guarantee for your date until until confirmed in writing by Steph Jordan Photography to ensure no double bookings.
    • Steph Jordan Photography strives for the utmost excellent service in photography, however, in the event of anything catastrophic on our end, such as a family or medical emergency, equipment failure, or any other unforeseen circumstance – If that occurs, a reschedule will be accommodated, and if we are not able to reschedule a future session that works for us both, you will receive a full refund for any money collected by Steph Jordan Photography. Excluding Rentals, permits, and outsourcing fees.
    • There will be an additional charge of $0.67 per mile If the shoot is over 15 miles from Franklin County, Ohio.
    Select "I do not consent" if you do not wish for me to use any of your photos online for marketing of services online.
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    Please sign your name with your mouse or a stylus.